Cloud Collaborative Communication

QC cube provides a total solution to collaborative cloud-based communication technology and allows users to attend online meetings from their smartphones, tablets and PCs anytime, anywhere. With state-of-the-art communication technologies integrated, all they need is a browser supporting webRTC, like Google Chrome, and connect to the server and they are ready to join the multi-party online meeting. For interface, QC cube provides productivity tools, such as document / whiteboard / screen sharing and group discussion. It might be a possible application scenarios include telemedicine, remote medical consultation, video conferencing and online education.

Easy & Safe


  • Installation free, Cross platform

       - Supporting browsers with webRTC, no dedicated hardware needed

       - Available for Android, iOS, Window, Linux, and OSX

  • Highly secure system

       - All data transmission are encrypted with 256-bit AES

       - AAA services, encrypted transmission and private network supported


Highly Customized Solutions


  • Enterprise

       - Optimized bandwidth utilization routing strategy for balance computation

       - Automatic Streaming Quality Control will dynamically adjust the compression parameters to ensure best streaming quality.

  • Education

       - Cloud roll calling system

       - Students may replay the recorded classes or locate the content of interest through tag searching.

  • Hospital

       - Extensibility for DICOM/PACS

       - Legacy SIP devices and QOCA health cloud supported


Technical Specifications

Video Conference

  • 5p/10p/15p/25p multi-way A/V stream
  • SD/HD/FHD resolution
  • 30 fps
  • Bitrate < 1.5M


  • Instant message
  • Voting
  • Request to Talk
  • Moderating options(Host mode)

Document Management

  • Doc viewing, sharing, uploading
  • Doc annotation: circle, line, rectangle, color, palette, thinkness, text in toolbox
  • Supported files: Word, Excel, PPT, GIF, PNG, BMP


  • Whiteboard
  • Screen/Application sharing
  • Laser pointer

Content Management

  • Event schedule (Calendar)
  • Meeting room management for user: create/delete/modify
  • Content rendering: files, audio, video
  • Content wrap up
  • LDAP support
  • Doc permission control: create/delete/view/save

Content Searching

  • Image/document tagging and searching

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Scalability
  • Security (AAA)
  • Account management
  • System resource management
  • Routing management

Mobile app

  • iOS & Android

Need More Information?

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