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QOCA® spt integrates Quanta Computer’s QMULUS® private cloud, smart patient terminal and app to provide instant communication, information and entertainment to patients and medical staff. Through our real-time voice and video communication platform, as well as dedicated management functions for nursing staff, QOCA® spt assists to enhance communication between patients and medical staff, thereby improving efficiency and preventing sentinel events. By exchanging data with the hospital’s current systems, QOCA® spt supports medical staff with bedside consultation. QOCA® spt is a solution designed specifically for hospitals, to create a “patient-centric” environment, and assist medical staff to provide comprehensive care.



  • Easily access service

       - Button lets patients call nurse with one tap

       - Mobile care device displays call info and call history

       - Mobile Nursing Information

       - Online meal delivery/ hair washing service

  • Entertainment system

       - Personalized entertainment: TV, radio, internet, games, video call, social network, etc

  • Instant information platform

       - Synchronized basic bed, patient and dedicated nurse info

       - Personalized reminder and educational material can be viewed with app before and after patients are discharged.

       - Personalized recommendation for medical goods.



  • Bedside consultation

       - Supports medical staff with bedside consultation by exchanging data with the hospital’s current systems.

       - Doctors can show data likes patient medical record, CT or MRI scan reports on PT to patient for better understanding

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